Patient fees


Visit doctor
200 kr
Visit doctor < 18 yrs
Home visis by doctor
300 kr
Visit nurse
100 kr
Curator first visit
100 kr
Curator revists
100 kr
Prescription by phone
Influenza vaccination
250 kr
Pneumococcal vaccination
380 kr
Health checkup
2500 kr
TBE vaccine
350 kr


Driving license
700 kr
Adoption + HIV test
800 kr
Doctor Certificate
500 kr
Health Certificate
700 kr
Studying abroad
700 kr
Insurance Certificate
1400 kr
Cancelation of trip
500 kr
First Day Declaration
313 kr **
Occupancy of medication during flight
313 kr
** The fee for a physician visit will apply.


In January 2015, the Stockholm County Council (Stockholms Läns Landsting) decided that cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment, to avoid being charged for the appointment. Thereafter, ordinary patient fees will be charged. This also applies to children and young people under 18 and patients carrying a "frikort". Cancellations are only valid by Phone or by "Mina vårdkontakter", and not by mail. 

Högkostnadsskydd and frikort

Högkostnadsskydd (high-cost) means that you do not have to pay more than a maximum amount of patient fees during one year. Once you have reached the maximum amount you will receive a Frikort (free pass), which provides free health care. The Frikort is valid for twelve months after the day you made the first visit.

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