About Doktor Kom Hem

Here at Doktor Kom Hem, you will meet friendly doctors and nurses with many years of experience.

Why this name on a family practice?

"Doktor Kom Hem" means "Doctor Come Home" in Swedish. We know how valuable a home visit can be, both for security and personal contact. Some people may have difficultyies getting to and from the clinic, elder people as well as busy families.

Our ambition is to provide plenty of room for a home visits for our listed patients at Kungsholmen. But we are also, despite the name, a completely ordinary Family Practice.

Our staff

  • Dr. Ewabritt Andersson
    Dr. Ewabritt Andersson Manager,
    General Practitioner
  • Dr. Kadir Kakili
    Dr. Kadir Kakili General Practitioner
  • Malin Gärdenäs-Vinberg
    Malin Gärdenäs-Vinberg Licensed district- and diabetes nurse
  • Maria Rollstedt
    Maria Rollstedt Licensed nurse
  • Malin Källgren
    Malin Lemo'n Licensed nurse
  • Marie-Louise Irgens
    Marie-Louise Irgens Licensed psychologist
  • Ida Asplund
    Ida Asplund Receptionist
  • Pascal Andersson
    Pascal Andersson IT-support

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